The company that makes your business change work.

Our services

We recognize that each client faces unique challenges that require personalized solutions. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services that can be combined and ordered in different forms. Our core competencies are:
Before starting a project, we cannot always predict which tools and methods are needed or which deliverables will be required. It is precisely this flexibility and ability to adapt that allows us to find the best solutions and achieve our clients' goals.

Our commitment to solving challenges, shaping strategies, as well as developing capabilities, makes us the best possible partner to achieve your business goals.
Does your company also struggle with:
  • digitalization,
  • profitability,
  • innovation,
  • strategy development and

  • collaboration?

We are happy to help you:
  • exploit new technologies,

  • maximize your team's capabilities,

  • future-proof your business models,

  • develop and anchor your strategies,
  • improve your collaboration.

Solve challenges

We love challenges but we love solutions even more. With our experience within design, design thinking, systems thinking, change management, and business development, our approach is unique.

Shape strategies

We will help you to develop and implement inspiring and understandable strategies and roadmaps. We offer a combination of workshop series, change-, project- and process management, advise and visual storytelling.

Develop abilities

We develop the essential abilities to solve challenges. For the individual, the organisation, and management. In addition, we tailor corporate educations and coach your organisation to lead and implement changes and transformations.

How we work with change

Explore and understand

Explore entirety and challenge 

Thorough mapping of the current situation, the desired situation, and the way forward. Visualization of all relevant aspects and dependencies, followed by careful analysis and development of solutions.

Understand current state, roadmap and desired state

A series of inspiring workshops with visualization that guides participants through the different phases thus creating a shared understanding, motivation and commitment.

Visualize and storytell

Visualize strategy and roadmap

We distill different aspects and insights to the core of the story. In collaboration with the client, we develop analogies and a visual language that effectively communicates the message.

Tell a common story

We participate in a collaborative process with the client's management and communicators to create a clear, sustainable, and visual joint story that lasts over time.

Capture and anchor

Capture relevant knowledge

We identify and capture relevant knowledge within the organization and business. We then refine it by applying principles from change management, business development, behavioural science, design thinking and systems thinking.

Anchor strategy and roadmap

We design and deliver leadership training to ensure that leaders feel safe and supported during the implementation of anchoring circles. This helps to create an environment that promotes effective communication and collaboration.