The company that makes your business change work.

Your change is our passion

We will help you to operate, enrich and secure meaningful change in complex contexts.

Changeworks is specialized in helping you to solve challenges as well as shaping and establishing strategies. We will help you to implement transformations and to develop your and your co-worker’s abilities to lead and implement change.

We deliver consensus, anchoring, motivation and participation.

We help you to create, choose and keep the right direction, speed and continuity in change. Further we contribute to increase unity in your organization.

Our services

Solve challenges

We love challenges but we love solutions even more. With our experience within design, design thinking, systems thinking, change management, and business development, our approach is unique.

Shape strategies

We will help you to develop and implement inspiring and understandable strategies and roadmaps. We offer a combination of workshop series, change-, project- and process management, advise and visual storytelling.

Develop abilities

We develop the essential abilities to solve challenges. For the individual, the organisation, and management. In addition, we tailor corporate educations and coach your organisation to lead and implement changes and transformations.

About us

Changeworks is operated by Alex Liebert. Alex is an industrial designer from the beginning, having specialized in change and transformation within large organisations and in complex contexts. Alex has more than 30 years of experience in helping organisations to achieve their goals and solve complex challenges. 

Changeworks' specialisation is built upon our solid experiences within design leadership, industrial design, design thinking, systems thinking, service design, UX, interaction design, graphic design, and education.


Don´t hesitate to contact us. Together we will explore the ways in which we can help you and your organisation.

Alex Liebert

CEO, Change Leader, Design Strategist & Facilitator